After school on Monday, a selection of Prep-Prep pupils took part in a very relaxing and body-bending Yoga activity! Over the course of the session, Mrs Hudson taught a selection of stretches such as the mermaid, boat and cobra, all of which our pupils completed with big smiles across their faces.

During the session, pupils were tasked with a series of movements, in pairs as well as on their own, which challenged their balance, concentration and body awareness. As well as developing their flexibility, it was a fantastic way to boost their strength and provide a much needed space for relaxation after a busy day of learning.

Mrs Hudson progressed their spatial awareness further with a series of techniques which involved scarves, ribbons and even pompoms! The last exercise required lots of focus and control as pupils were asked to practise their boat pose and slowly pick up pompoms with their feet and place them in a cup! It was a brilliant way for them to further develop their balance, flexibility and concentration with many expertly doing it with not one, but two feet!

Well done to our budding yoga enthusiasts!

Prep School | 08/03/2022