‘Superworm’, a story by Julia Donaldson came to life in the Kindergarten this week as pupils learnt all about this hero with a difference! He’s super-long and super-strong, always on hand to help out all the other animals and insets, showing our pupils how we can all be there to help anyone in need.

The children thoroughly enjoyed a fantastic story-telling session with Mrs Ricketts, where there was lots of laughter, gasps and smiles all along the way. Afterwards, everyone took part in a task to create their own superworm using playdoh. This was a fantastic way to support their social skills and encourage sharing.

Afterwards, socks transformed into wiggly, long worms, complete with pipe cleaners for antennae and stickers for eyes. the children had a great deal of fun stuffing socks with fluff and seeing their worms take shape, all from an ordinary sock. This was a wonderful way to develop their fine motor skills, imagination and creativity whilst having an enjoyable time along the way!

Prep School | 02/03/2022