World Book Day is always one of our favourite and most anticipated events in the Prep School calendar, and with this year’s being in-person for the first time since before lockdown, it proved to be a very thrilling day for all involved! The school came to life with pupils dressed magnificently from Seussical characters, Buzz Lightyear, Astronauts and Dinosaurs, with everyone looking the part and showing their talent for creativity and imagination.

The day was a wonderful way to encourage our pupils to talk about their favourite books and our teachers managed to incorporate lots of imaginative ways for the children to celebrate. Both Prep and Pre-Prep were focussing on the ‘Time Travelling Toby’ book series, as our very special guest for both Prep and Pre-Prep assemblies was Graham Jones, the author of ‘Time Travelling Toby and the Dinosaurs’ and ‘Apollo Moon Landing’ – which were the books used for the morning.

Mr Jones led the pupils in an excellent conversation about his books, engaging them in questions and showing everyone the importance of literature! Both sets of pupils thoroughly enjoyed the interactive sessions and listened intently as they immersed themselves into the exciting world of time travel.

Throughout the rest of the day, and keeping on the theme of time travel, the various year groups had a series of fun activities to take part in including writing their own stories about where they would go if they had a time machine, designing their own time machine, anagram quizzes and book bingo to name a few!

Pupils of all ages had a thoroughly wonderful time which certainly helped them to find the joy of reading!

Prep School | 03/03/2022