On Tuesday, the smell of delicious pancakes filled the air as Year 1 pupils lined up eagerly for an exciting lesson of making pancakes in the cookery room for Pancake Day.

Bright smiles were seen in all corners as pupils pulled up their sleeves to mix all the ingredients together, making sure the correct quantities of flour, eggs and milk were used. Each pupil was able to have a chance to whisk their mix and some couldn’t believe their eyes as they tried to see how the batter would be made into fluffy, pancakes! After their batters were whipped, pupils were then shown how to perfect the pancake flip in a frying pan. Lots of open-mouthed pupils were left in amazement as their mixtures began to take shape and do somersaults and flips in the air!

Afterwards, there was lots of contented munching as pupils tucked into their delicious masterpieces, with a choice to add a dash of lemon or a sprinkling of sugar.

A fantastic task which enhances our pupils’ cookery skills and their HPL skills in imagination, teamwork, and perseverance. Well done to our young chefs!

Prep School | 02/03/2022