This term, Year 3 and 4 have been working towards their Arts Award Discover, in partnership with Charanga. The scheme aims to develop young artists with a range of resources and support for those taking part; it has been a fantastic way to nurture our talented pupils in several ways. The Arts Award can be based in any area in the Arts, from fashion to poetry, rapping to dancing, painting to film, whichever passion is important to the individual.

Our pupils have been busy filling in their logs about music, with each child asked to explore how varied music is and the different ways there are to make music. The first part was to explore and find as many different art forms there are in the classroom. Notable mentions include instruments, notes and even drawings of drums! After this, pupils were tasked to draw or write about a musical activity they have taken part in, with their logs coming alive with bright colours!

For the next stage of the task, pupils were asked to research a musician, singer, songwriter or composer. After the research stage, pupils were encouraged to share what they have enjoyed during the discovery element of the Award. The Arts Award process has been a wonderful way to nurture curiosity in our pupils, encouraging them to explore different genres and styles, whilst also enabling their love of music shine through!

The pictures below are of a selection of pupils from both Year 3 and 4 who took part and we are looking forward to celebrating the achievements of all when the certificates arrive from Arts Award.

Prep School | 16/02/2022