This term, Year 6 pupils have been busy in the classroom, discovering what makes our bodies so fascinating. One lesson was a thrilling experience for pupils, as they were tasked with making “blood soup”.

Working in teams and practising their collaboration skills, they were asked to make blood using different foods and drinks to represent specific components. With steady hands, pupils measured out the correct proportions, whilst learning about the functions of each part.

They used orange juice as the plasma, mini marshmallows as white blood cells, red jelly sweets as the red blood cells and rice as the platelets. Pupils were really interested to find out about the ways in which blood is central to survival, as it helps to supply oxygen to cells and tissues, protect the body from illnesses and even regulate their temperature!

The activity was not only a great way to learn about the function of blood, but also an opportunity for Year 6 to use several HPL skills such as open-mindedness, creativity and collaboration.

Prep School | 15/02/2022