This term, Year 2 pupils have been shaping up their learning, exploring the wonderful world of 2D and 3d shapes! Learning about 2D shapes is key for future mathematical learning, helping pupils to understand measurements and eventually geometry in later years.

The foundations for their mathematical reasoning was set as pupils explored the properties of 2D shapes first, starting off with one sided circles, all the way up to eight-sided octagons! They discussed the various properties of 2D shapes, specifically how a square is also a type of rectangle!

From here, pupils were then taught about 3D shapes, exploring faces, edges and vertices. Despite the mind-bending dimensions, pupils were able to see that squares progress into cubes, triangles into pyramids and circles into spheres!

Their activities were a great way to utilise their High Performance Learning skills in open-mindedness, imagination and linking as they demonstrated their knowledge of 2D shapes to 3D at the end of the lesson.

Great learning displayed by our Year 2 mathematicians!

Prep School | 14/02/2022