In preparation for World Book Day in March, the school community is embracing this year’s theme of  ‘you are a reader!’ As part of our in-school celebrations for the event, each House has been allocated a specific author, Lewis Carroll (Fisher) Roald Dahl (More) and J.K Rowling (Newman).

On Monday, Year 7 students got into the spirit of the wonderful world of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by going down the rabbit hole into the Library where Mrs McIsaac-Bailey was waiting with a jam-packed lesson. To start, students took part in a character quiz and were asked in teams to work out the names of several characters by looking at the original drawings. It started off simply with Alice, but then soon took a more difficult turn with students trying to guess the name of Bill the Lizard and the Mock Turtle.

The Library was filled with smiles and laughter as the students tried to work out their names; following on from the cryptic clues in the morning assembly.

After this challenge, the teams then had to recreate their own versions of different scenes from the novel, re-enacting passages from the book. It was a brilliant way to showcase this year’s World Book Day theme, encourage a passion for storytelling and allow our students to really bring their creativity to the fore!

A wonderful lesson and we cannot wait to see what lies in store for our school community on World Book Day itself after half-term.

Senior School | 14/02/2022