Last week, Year 10 Mathematicians were involved in a practice Maths Feast, organised by the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme. The Maths Feast is a fun educational challenge, which tests problem-solving and teamwork skills. Teams of four students test their Maths skills by participating in an all-you-can-eat feast of problems! There are several rounds requiring different skills and strategies for success.

The students worked individually, in pairs and as a whole team, to solve problems in the starter. The main course saw them provided with information about Polyhedra, Nets and Schlegel Diagrams, which they had to study and then answer questions about. Finally they worked with pentominoes in the dessert round using geometric skills and mathematical reasoning to solve Tetris-style puzzles.

As well as competing with their Teams, students were also competing to gain a place on the St Edward’s School Team that will enter the National Maths Feast competition in March.

Senior School | 14/02/2022