Year 2 have had their first experience of conducting a scientific investigation this week. Their aim was to find out which, of a selection of balls, would be the bounciest.

Working in groups, the children were given a set of five balls per group. Each set was identical and contained balls made of different materials and different sizes.

The first task was to examine the balls and make predictions about which they thought would bounce the highest, when dropped from a height of 1 metre. They completed a table, putting the balls in order of least, to most bouncy.

Next, the group moved outside! Using a strip of paper, each group measured and marked 1 metre. They then dropped each ball and watched carefully to see how high it rebounded, marking the height on their paper strip.

After the pupils had returned to the classroom, they used rulers to measure the height of each of their results, recording them in a table. The groups then compared their findings and discussed why there were differences and similarities in the heights achieved by the different balls. Great work Year 2!

Prep School | 09/02/2022