This week has been Children’s Mental Health Week, and in the Prep School we have fully embraced this year’s theme of ‘Growing Together’.

Monday began with a special assembly from Miss Tow who introduced the idea of ‘growing emotionally.’ She explained that as we grow up, we change in lots of ways. For example, physically we get taller, academically we develop new skills and talents, and emotionally we can grow too. The children learned that there are different ways that we can help our mental well-being and that through noticing their own feelings they can help themselves overcome worries and be aware of their friends’ emotional state too. The pupils looked at different ways to develop resilience and to steer themselves when they feel negatively.

All Pupils in Years 3 – 6 received year group talks and activities about the benefits of mindfulness from our well-being nurses Becca and Emma – word is they even included some chocolate button tasting! The chocolates were used to engage the children in mindfulness and to encourage them to focus on the “here and now” and be more “in the moment.” The children enjoyed the activity and were able to understand the importance of being mindful of their bodies and their thoughts.

The pupils also took part in a wonderful exercise to emphasise how important it is to be kind to each other. The children discussed how they feel when they hear good things about themselves and how these comments help to build confidence and good self-esteem. The groups then picked names out of a hat and, on post-it notes, wrote something positive about that person.

The pupils also completed activities in their PSHE sessions and explored in more detail ways in which they can cope with their feelings and how they can grow their own emotional well-being.

Prep School | 08/02/2022