Pupils in Year 6 continued their series of sessions with Schoolbeat officer, PC Forrester this week. Schoolbeat is an initiative from Gloucestershire Constabulary that sees officers visit schools all over the county and talk to children in Year 6 to Year 9 about a range of potential hazards that they may encounter as they mature both in and out of school.

This week’s session saw the pupils working to carry out a variety of activities aimed at explaining the harmful effects and consequences that can arise from the misuse of different legal and illegal substances. They discussed the impacts that anti-social behaviours and binge drinking can have on the community and the risks that substance abuse can have to health.

PC Forrester spent time explaining to the children what ‘peer pressure’ is and how important it is not to make each other feel pressure to do anything which they are not comfortable with. He encouraged the pupils to keep both mind and body safe and to have respect for themselves, others, and the law.

Prep School | 04/02/2022