As part of their PSHD lessons (Personal, Social and Health Development), children in Reception have been learning about the importance of good oral health.

Tooth decay is largely preventable, as long as good oral health habits are established at an early age. To help the children to understand the ways in which they should care for their teeth, they have been discussing healthy habits, foods which can help to build strong teeth and those which can weaken them, and the correct way to brush.

Pupils in Reception love to get hands-on with their learning and engaged in lots of activities to further their understanding of this topic. They took turns to dress as a dentist and examine the teeth of their classmates and of ‘Cecil’ the crocodile (an educational stuffed toy with a full set of human teeth!). They also played with a range of tooth-related toys, including making Mr Play Doh a set of dentures and cleaning a giant set of teeth.

Cutting out foods and placing them either in the ‘good for teeth’ or ‘bad for teeth’ column on the whiteboard was a fantastic way to consolidate what they had learnt about teeth and nutrition.

Prep School | 18/01/2022