During their Technology lessons this term, pupils in Year 6 are developing their culinary skills. In the first three of their lessons, the children have been looking at shortbread recipes. They have covered everything from finding out the best techniques to create a ‘short’ dough and to make sure that their biscuits have a good crunch to learning how to cut their baked biscuit sheet into fingers without any breakages.

In the first of the trio of lessons, the pupils worked under the guidance of Mr Roberts, who imparted some excellent advice and offered lots of useful guidance. In lesson two, Year 6 tested a different shortbread recipe, retaining the general rules that they had learnt the previous week, but with much less intervention from Mr Roberts. A collaborative task, the pupils worked in pairs, alternating between reading the instructions and directing their partner and carrying out the practical tasks.

This week’s chocolate chip biscuits were a triumph. The class achieved that soft buttery crumb that makes shortbread so moorish – well done!

In the final lesson next week, the pupils will aim to complete a third recipe without any help from their teacher at all.

Prep School | 14/01/2022