Prep School pupils in Years 3-6 led us in a truly magical service, at the Candlelit Festival of Carols & Readings, held at St Mary’s Church this week.

For the first time since 2019, the school community enjoyed the opportunity to gather in church together and celebrate the Christmas story. Through a combination of readings, interspersed with a selection of traditional carols, the congregation were taken through the story of the birth of Jesus. Year 3 played a very important role throughout the service, providing a visual representation of the Nativity tableau, complementing the readings.

The service began with a beautiful rendition of ‘Longing for Light’, sung in the main by the Year 6 pupils, with the congregation joining the last two verses. A selection of pupils, along with some of our parents, beautifully delivering readings to a captivated audience. Others impressed with vocal or instrumental solos.

The evening was a great success with students, parents, staff and guests complimenting the children on their contributions to the service. We are very grateful to be able to continue this treasured tradition once again and extend our thanks to St Mary’s for welcoming us back to their beautiful setting.

Prep School | 16/12/2021