Year 5 have been learning all about life in the Tudor times. In their Drama sessions this term they have, for the first time, been experimenting with abstract forms of theatre to present their ideas.

The group have been concentrating on what it was like to be on a Tudor voyage at sea. To begin the project, the pupils discussed the differences between the type of ships that would have been used during the time and those that are used today. They discussed the speed at which the vessels would have been able to move and the compared the sorts of technology that is available now as opposed to then. This discussion highlighted how difficult it would have been for Tudor sailors to avoid dangerous storms.

The class then set about working on a physical theatre piece for a storm at sea and the impact of that on the ship’s crew. They each thought about the characters that were likely to have been present on a voyage and worked to develop their own character and the way in which they would have interacted with each other.

Using video recordings, the pupils have been evaluating their performance at regular intervals and looking for elements that worked well and thinking of ways in which they could improve.

The pupils had a fantastic time and it was lovely to see them fully embrace the activity.

Prep-School | 25/11/2021