Pupils in Year 2 hopped on the school minibuses and headed out to Gloucester for a very special morning at ‘SkillZone’ this week.

The centre offers trips to school children with the aim of helping them to identify and stay safe from hazards which they may encounter in their every day lives. Unintentional injuries are one of the leading causes of serious injury in children, accounting for more than 2 million attendances at A&E each year. Many of these injuries are foreseeable and therefore preventable, especially if children are able to assess risk and think about the consequences of their choices.

Year 2 spent time in several different areas of the SkillZone interactive village, learning how to recognise dangers and dilemmas in a range of different environments.

The immersive nature of the activities makes the scenarios engaging and more easily understood by our young pupils. For example, one of the activities focusses on road safety, using a pedestrian crossing. The children spoke about how they cross the road, the use of the ‘green man’ and the importance of looking both ways to check for hazards, even when given the green light.

This trip was both enjoyable and informative for our pupils, empowering them to make good choices about their own safety.

Prep School | 18/11/2021