Students in the Senior School have been busy for the past two weeks taking part in the 2021 Bebras Challenge – an event which aims to introduce computational thinking to students and build excitement for this interesting subject. This year, students were asked to solve as many problems as possible in 40 minutes, focussing on logical thinking.

The problems ranged from thinking about connections in equations, linking objects to quantitative values and complex problem solving. Our students had a great time with these mind-bending questions and, throughout the challenge, demonstrated a high level of determination to get into the top 10% in the country. Achieving this will allow them to progress to the next, even more challenging stage of this prestigious national competition!

The challenge was a wonderful way to encourage passion for IT and encourage students to think of new ways of solving questions, as well as thinking outside of the box. A fantastic way to build learning and enhance skills in logic!

Senior School | 17/11/2021