Children in Reception have enjoyed a fantastic project on earthworms this week.

The pupils took their trowels out into the school grounds to see if they could unearth any of the creatures and gently transfer them into specimen jars, ready to examine more closely back in the classroom.

They looked closely at the worms, noticing the different parts of the body, the texture of their skin and the way in which they moved. Building a wormery was next on the agenda and all of the pupils took turns adding the various elements to a large container, before introducing the worms they had collected to their new temporary home and covering them in a healthy layer of leaf mulch, lovingly cut into small pieces by the children.

The wormery will remain in the classroom for several days so that the class can discuss the way in which the creatures move through the soil, mixing the layers of sand, leaves and soil as they do so. After this, they will return to their original home in the school fields.

The class have also enjoyed reading stories featuring earthworms as characters, colouring in drawing of worms and creating their own worms by threading cheerios onto pipe cleaners.

Fantastic work Reception!

Prep School | 09/11/2021