Each year, the pupils in Years 3 – 6 democratically elect Pupil Council representatives for each Form group. The children are required to apply for the role and applicants must each put together a supporting statement to present to their class, explaining why they thought that they would be a great fit for the job. Some pupils were very brave and conveyed this information in the form of a speech in front of the class, while others preferred to present a written argument.

The children are then able to vote for their choice of representative and the School Council is then formed. The group meet weekly and aim to share the pupil voice with our school community and take action on subjects that are important to the children.

This week, during their first meeting, a council secretary was appointed and the first order of business; Children in Need, discussed.

We are sure that this capable group of young people will do their peers proud.

Prep School | 05/11/2021