In Science, Year 3 have been working on the topic ‘Rocks, Fossils and Soils’. On Tuesday, the class headed out into the school grounds, armed with towels and paper cups, to collect three soil samples from different areas.

The playing field, the pig pen and the school garden were chosen as the collection sites and the children were very good at getting stuck in and harvesting their samples.

The soil was then taken back to the Science Lab for analysis. Working in small groups the pupils examined each sample in turn, looking for differences in colour, texture, and moisture content.

Everything that had been collected was then added to a large jar, along with additional leaves, stones, sticks and water. The jar was then shaken to mix everything together and left to stand overnight. The next morning, the children were surprised to see that the contents had separated. A result that sparked some excellent conversation!

Prep School | 07/10/2021