Year 6 visited the Black Country Living Museum this week to learn about the lives of different Victorian children.

The Museum, based in the West Midlands, gives visitors the opportunity to explore 300 years of history in an open-air environment. This immersive learning opportunity brings to life one of the first industrialised landscapes in Britain and the children were enthralled.

As part of their visit the pupils took part in a ‘detective trail’, visiting lots of the themed buildings on the site such as the Chemist, Blacksmith, Hardware stores and, of course, the Sweet Shop!  As the children progressed through the trail, they spoke to a range of different ‘Victorians’ and discovered how a Victorian child would have lived, worked, and played.

The group also enjoyed a fascinating talk about mining, finding out about the terrible conditions endured by those who would have been working in the mines during this time – many of them children. During the day the children also spent time in a Victorian classroom with a very stern class mistress, who tested their knowledge of the three ‘Rs’, as well as their ability to recite the alphabet backwards!

Prep School | 06/10/2021