Red was the dominant autumn colour during this Year’s Inter-House Cross Country event. Lewis completed the double in a very exciting competition in blustery, but dry autumn conditions.

The circuit saw St Edward’s Prep pupils run around two of our three fields, with one inclined to add a further challenge to the track. We were delighted to welcome spectators back to the event once again, with many parents and family members attending to cheer the children on.

Lewis emerged victorious across both the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 competitions, but it was very close with Blyton edged out by two points both times.

With points from every runner counting, there were some cracking races over a shortened version of the school course and a real team event flavour evident throughout – well done to everyone, staff and pupils, for their participation, assistance and support on the day.


Year 3/4  Y5/6
1 | Lewis 1 | Lewis
2 | Blyton 2 | Blyton
3 | Dahl 3 | Dahl


Prep School | 30/09/2021