‘Little Amal’ is a terrific project that is being supported by the Everyman Theatre. Little Amal’s story was first told in the award-winning play, The Jungle. The critically-acclaimed production was based on the stories of refugees in the Calais camp. Little Amal appeared as a character in production, representing the hundreds of unaccompanied minors in the camp, separated from their families.

‘The Walk’ is a project to raise awareness of the stories of refugees such as those represented by Amal. The project has seen the creation of a 3.5 metre-tall living artwork of a young Syrian refugee, who has begun her 8,000km walk across Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the UK to focus attention on the urgent needs of young refugees.

As part of this campaign, the Everyman Theatre has commissioned local artist Natasha Houseago to create a large piece of community art, using peg dolls decorated by local pupils to form a sculpture of a child, to be displayed at Gloucester Cathedral.

St Edward’s students have been contributing to the project by decorating peg dolls for the project during their RS lessons and this week they were handed over to the Everyman Theatre to be added to the sculpture.

We cannot wait to see the finished artwork!