On Tuesday, our very lucky Year 3 pupils went on an exciting trip to Slimbridge . The Wetland Centre is bursting with wildlife and provides a fantastic opportunity to discover some important conservation work.

Once they arrived, the children dropped off their bags and split up into classes, 3T started with pond dipping, whilst 3D explored Wellyboot Land. Pond dipping started off with an informative talk from a lady called Sue who talked about the different insects and fish that lived in the pond and asked the children if they had to choose one adaptation to live underwater which would it be. All the children answered the questions excellently. The pupils found many Great Pond Snails, as well as Ramshorn Snails and leaves covered in Great Pond Snail eggs! Some pupils were even lucky enough to find more exotic creatures such as Leech, a Blood Worm and Stickleback fish! They learnt that if the Stickleback fish have silver bellies then they are female and if they have red ones, they are male.  

They ate their packed lunch on the grass and explored the play park and surrounding woodlands. The children loved the wooden climbing frames and the slide!  

After lunch Year 3 took a look at the new aviary, where they learnt about what estuaries are and what they are homes to. They then visited the flamingos and saw many sitting on their eggs waiting for them to hatch.  

The children loved seeing the birds walking around and getting to feed them was an added bonus! Some of the children even managed to get the birds to feed out of their hands. They finished off their day with a trip to the gift shop, where the children bought items to remember the day!  


Prep School | 22/06/2021