As part of their science topic on Human Impact, Year 4 visited Westonbirt Arboretum this week and enjoyed taking part in a number of activities related to Woodland Management for Wildlife.

The activities included looking for evidence of living things that use trees for shelter or food, a game called “Shrinking Forest” where they learnt about the importance of trees to animals and people, and a treasure hunt where they had to find items made from wood and paper.  To the hilarity of the children, this included toilet paper! Many of the children said their favourite activity was using natural materials to design and make their own model of woodland.

The Westonbirt teachers were very impressed by the knowledge and creativity shown by our pupils! By the end of the day, the children had learnt how important sustainable woodlands are to both humans and wildlife and how we can help by buying wood products that have the FSC and PEFC kitemarks. 

Prep School | 09/06/2021