This week, Year 2 went on a trip to the chocolate paradise that is Cadbury World, to learn more about chocolate, how it is manufactured and how it gets from ‘bean to bar’.

The pupils have been learning about the topic of ‘chocolate’ so this trip gave them lots of valuable knowledge that they will be able to apply to their work when back in the classroom. The tour guide allowed the children to handle real chocolate moulds so that they could see how the different bars that they are familiar with are created. The pupils also found out about where the ingredients used to make their favourite sweet treats originated, most of them from around the world.  

The group listened to an extremely interesting talk which helped them to understand more about the processes involved in making chocolate. They enjoyed seeing the uniforms that the chocolate makers wear and learning about the history of the Cadbury company and it’s involvement in bringing chocolate to the masses through a 4D cinema experience.  

As a very fun end to the trip, the children had the opportunity to write their names in chocolate and were let loose in the fancy dress box, donning chocolatiers outfits!

Prep School | 27/05/2021