Year 9 Latin students have been trying out a new ‘EdTech’ application called Blooket. Booklet gamifies knowledge acquisition – fantastic for our digital natives! The students have enjoyed using this app in class to consolidate their learning of Latin vocabulary and agreed to take part in a small experiment to see if it this method would show an impact on their written test results.

First, each student completed a written test on their end of unit vocabulary. Then, they competed against each other using Blooket for two 5 minute sessions. They then completed two more written tests, one immediately after the session, and one the next day. The test scores doubled or trebled in for every student, and knowledge retention overnight was superb! It was great to see that the students are making excellent progress with their Latin learning, whilst also having a lot of fun. The Classics Department are excited to be adding Blooket to the list of digital tools used to enhance engagement and learning.

Senior School | 26/05/2021