Our Year 6 pupils donned their best 1940’s outfits and were transported back to the Second World War this week! Dressed as evacuee children, the cohort travelled on a traditional steam train along the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway, to the safety of the countryside. Whilst on route, the children sang songs of the time such as ‘Run Rabbit Run’ by Flanagan and Allan and ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ by John McCormack. An undercover German Spy managed to infiltrate the train and quiz the children about their movements, when the train came to a stop Mrs Johnson kept calm and chased the spy from the train! 

The children greatly enjoyed exploring the museum where they were shown a range of wartime items and were asked to guess what each item was. They knew lots of the answers, but a few items surprised them. They then tried their hand at an important wartime skill – firefighting. They worked in pairs, pumping the water into metal buckets – much more difficult than using a modern fire extinguisher! 

A fantastic glimpse into wartime life, the pupils had a truly wonderful time on this memorable excursion. A short stay in an ‘air raid shelter’ was particularly eye-opening! The children were shocked at how loud the siren was and how it must have felt for those who were living through the war. They also spent time watching video accounts of people who had survived the blitz in Coventry. 

Lunch was a 1940’s style picnic and they finished the day by being allocated to their ‘farming occupations and accommodation’ where they would stay until it was safe to return home back to the city! 

Prep School | 20/05/2021