Over the past week we have had some egg-stremely exciting new additions to our school community!

We welcomed 4 new chicks, incubated and nurtured by our Year 5 pupils. Having the opportunity to observe this hatching process is a valuable life lesson that we are extremely lucky to be able to share with our pupils. Prep School Headmaster, Mr McKernan, live-streamed the hatching of one of the new chickens during a whole School assembly so that all the children had an opportunity to experience the wonder of watching new life enter the world. As the emerging chick became visible on screen, the children became very excited, and Mr McKernan was able to answer some very interesting questions asked by children in all year groups.

Chicken eggs need to be incubated for 21 days before they hatch. With the ‘due date’ marked on the calendar, some of our pupils set to work building beautiful brooding boxes. A brooding box is used to house newly hatched chicks and must be a safe place for them to rest, keep warm and eat. All of our pupil-made boxes were made from corrugated cardboard and many featured several rooms in the layout of a traditional house!

This was a fantastic opportunity to experience a cross-curricular activity, bringing concepts learnt over a range of subjects to life.

Prep School | 18/05/2021