Year 3 kicked off a busy season of school trips with a visit to Cotswold Wildlife Park last Friday. They enjoyed seeing the animals and met Izzy, the zookeeper who talked to them about the African animals who live at the Park. The pupils also met George, a 75-year-old Giant Tortoise who is still growing!

The children were taught that all animals, including humans, need the right type and amount of nutrition. Unlike plants, they cannot make their own food, they get all of their nutrition from what they eat. The children also discussed the fact that vertebrates (including humans) have skeletons and muscles which they use to support their body, protect themselves and move.

The Wildlife Park is always a popular excursion, providing our pupils with the opportunity to take their learning outside of the classroom, meet over 1,800 animals and explore an exciting playground. 

The pupils were also treated to an ice-cream as an extra ‘well done’ for their excellent approach to distance learning and work in class since returning.  Well done Year 3!

Prep School | 17/05/2021