This week has been Mental Health Awareness Week, and the theme this year has been nature. Good mental health and spending time in nature often go hand in hand, whether that’s sitting in the garden with a good book, taking part in Farm Club at school or simply going for a walk in your local area.

During lockdown, many of us relied on going for walks as our top coping strategy and we all know that exercise is great for mental health. This week Becca, our Well-being Nurse, took some of the Prep School children out into the grounds for a walk with well-being Dog, Ted – an activity which, arguably, is a fantastic way to encourage anyone to smile! 

We recently talked to Becca as part of the St Edward’s School Podcast Series. To find out more about how well-being is a really important part of St Edward’s life and how well-being and academic success can go hand in hand, please click here. 

Prep School | 14/05/2021