As part of their Modern Foreign Languages lessons, pupils in Year 6 have been partnered with pupils from a French school in Avallon, Burgundy. Our pupils were delighted to receive their first communication from their pen pals this week, in the form of an Easter card and letter. The children spent time responding to their partnered pupil, writing to tell them their favourite school subject and things that they like to do in their spare time.

Participating in an international pen pal programme can yield lots of benefits to pupils including developing their social skills and compassion, curiosity and reading and writing skills. Activities like this also present a rare chance for the pupils to develop patience and delayed gratification by communicating through ‘snail mail’, something that they will not often experience in the age of instant messaging and email.

When constructing letters that will be sent to a peer, children are often spurred on to ensure they are paying extra attention to spelling and grammar as they are keen to impress their foreign counterparts and make a good impression.

It has been a joy to see the excitement from the pupils upon receiving the first of their letters and we cannot wait to see how these international friendships develop.

Prep School |05/05/2021