This week children in Year 3 and Year 6 have been set the task of growing their own vegetables!

Year 6 took to the Science Lab to plant courgette and mange tout – placing individual seeds in pots with the point towards the bottom. They then went to the Prep Allotment where they conducted an experiment with lettuce seeds. Half of the class had to scatter the seeds into a planter with very little soil covering them whereas the other half had to bury the seeds deep into the soil. They will wait and see if there are any differences in germination time and whether one method is more successful than the other. 

Year 3 began their growing challenge in the classroom too, when they took part in a germination investigation, planting broad beans into clear pots. The pupils used dampened cotton wool as their medium for encouraging the beans to grow and will be able to watch through the clear containers as the beans begin to shoot and grow roots. To help explain the process, the children watched a PowerPoint presentation and learnt that when the seeds were placed into their pots they were dormant, but that the exposure to water (through the damp cotton wool) would mean that they would soon start to grow.  Once the plants have produced their first leaves and have clear roots, they will be transplanted into the vegetable garden to continue growing. 

We look forward to being able to taste the results later in the term!

Prep School | 23/04/2021