Children in Year 6 and Year 3 have been taking part in a very exciting Project this year. The ‘Erasmus + Profile Project‘, aims to facilitate learning financial literacy in EU schools. Run by the University of Gloucestershire, the project has partner schools in Italy, Croatia, and Hungary, with St Edward’s working with the project co-ordinators as the UK partner school.

The Project Team aim to develop teaching and learning materials over the course of the three-year project, which will provide the blueprint for the implementation of financial literacy in primary schools. There are several social mobility statistics that indicate numeracy skills are linked to the ability to find employment, work productively and make better personal decisions.

At the end of last term, the children really enjoyed learning about a variety of topics, developing their understanding of financial values, as well as their numeracy and problem solving skills. They worked in groups to investigate concepts such as profit and loss, income and expenses – all very interesting and useful topics.

Prep School | 22/04/2021