Mrs Morris’ Year 6 set were in the Science labs dissecting Pig’s hearts this week. They had studied ‘The Heart and The Circulatory System’ during Distance Learning, but had been unable to do this experiment until now! The opportunity to try dissection is often not presented in school until the start of GCSE study, however this is an annual lesson for the Year 6 children here at St Edward’s. It is a firm favourite with the pupils, with apprehension and curiosity displayed in equal measure.

The children spent time examining the different tissues present and the location the main components of the heart (aorta, left and right ventricles, left and right atrium, valves arteries and veins) which help it to perform its vital role in our bodies.

Here are some quotes from our Year 6 pupils about the activity:

  • “It took a few minutes to get used to it, but then it was very fun!” Jack D 
  • “It was my favourite Science lesson of Year 6 and it didn’t even smell.” Aaron D
  • “It was fun, although putting your fingers into the arteries was grim!” Zac S
  • “I liked it and I would like to do it again!” Ermias L
  • “The dissection was actually better than I thought it was going to be.” Atlanta G

Prep School | 30/03/2021