To conclude their Science topic on habitats Year 2, ventured into the Prep School woodland in search of micro-habitats which are small-scale, specific habitats that support certain animals and plants. They differ from the larger environment around it, making it particularly suited to one or more species.

The children explored the woodland, in search of insects on a very soggy afternoon, looking under logs, in the leaves, and in the soil. The damp underside of a log or stone in the woodland is perfect for woodlice, as well as the decaying leaves for them to eat. 

Year 2 had to record what they had found, where they had found it and describe the micro-habitat, noting how the living things were adapted to suit their particular environment. They found lots of worms, woodlice, slugs, and snails; the children carefully put each insect back where they came from after looking at them through a microscope.  

Prep School | 29/03/2021