This week, Year 6 had their first of three Internet Safety Talks with PC McDowell, a Cheltenham-based Schoolbeat Officer with the Gloucestershire Police School Unit.

Schoolbeat is an initiative from the Gloucestershire Constabulary that sees officers visit schools all over the county and talk to children in Year 6 to Year 9 about a range of potential hazards that they may encounter as they mature both in and out of school.

In this first session, Year 6 found out about the possible risks associated with online gaming, apps and social media. They also thought about what was safe to share online and took part in activities that helped them decide what the boundaries should be. They learnt how important it is to be responsible with what they share and to take care about who they interact with. All of the children took the session very seriously and asked some very important, well-considered questions.  

 Prep School | 19/03/2021