Year 6 made the most of the outdoor space on offer at the Prep School this week as they embarked on their first Bushcraft session with Mr Thurston.

Their main focus was on shelter building skills, where they learnt about the all-important interlocking ‘Y shape’ of the support struts, and set to work building a small camp. They were tasked with building quality frames for their shelters, which will be built up over the coming sessions with the addition of a good layer of leaves and smaller branches to make the structures water and wind proof.

Bushcraft activities such as this increase the connection between children and nature and help them to develop their understanding of, and respect for, the natural world around them. This particular task also required the groups to use their teamwork and co-operation skills and it was a joy to see everyone working so well together as they built their shelters.

We look forward to seeing how the camp develops and what other activities are in store for Year 6 as the term progresses.


Prep School | 09/03/2021