Reception visit the seven continents without even travelling!


Reception children have been extending their knowledge and understanding of the world around them over the lockdown period this term. They have already been on a World Tour, visiting five of the seven continents, and are looking forward to discovering more about the last two in the coming weeks!

The children have been discussing where they live in a local sense, the country and then the continent they live in.


On their visit to Europe, as well as looking at the United Kingdom, they visited Italy and can now:

  • Talk about Venice and Rome.
  • Retell the story of Pinocchio.
  • Talk about Italian food and can name the colours of the flag.
  • Recognise Italy on a map.
  • Talk about artists and name some paintings.


From their “trip” to Australia…

  • They can discuss which animals live there and can tell you what a marsupial is.
  • They are able to retell an old Australian folk tale and sing a song related to it.
  • They are able to talk about some famous landmarks, which they can name.
  • They can tell you the name of the capital city.
  • They have listened to indigenous music and learnt about ancient art work.


From “visiting” Antarctica…

  • They can talk about the seven species of penguins that live there.
  • They can to tell you the differences and similarities between them.
  • They can explain the journey of an emperor penguin and their chick.
  • They have completed some detailed drawings of penguins.
  • They can talk about the weather in relation to other countries.
  • They have listened to stories and poetry.


Their “voyage” to Asia concentrated on China…

  • They have learnt to write their name in Chinese calligraphy and listened to the story of The Magic Paintbrush.
  • They can tell you the capital city and name some landmarks.
  • They understand what foods are eaten.
  • They can explain some of the pictures on a willow pattern plate.
  • They can talk about the Chinese New Year and name the animals from the story of the zodiac.
  • They are able to explain what happens during the Chinese New Year Festival.
  • They have built models of the Great Wall of China.


From the “exploration” of Africa…

  • They have learnt that Africa is made up of many different countries.
  • They have listened to stories and can name many African animals.
  • They have learnt all about lions and have completed a fact file.
  • They can talk about the longest river and can tell you where the pyramids are.
  • They have designed their own dancing giraffe!


What a knowledgeable bunch!


Pre-Prep | 26/02/2021