Year 6 have enjoyed a fascinating series of Science lessons this term, learning about evolution, endangered species and extinction.

The class jumped straight in and looked at examples of the ways in which different species have adapted through natural selection, to make them better suited to their environment. They learnt how this process is part of evolution, happening over the course of many generations.

The scientists involved in our understanding of evolution were also covered, with particular focus given to Charles Darwin for an independent research task, followed by a lesson in which the pupils learnt about the Galapagos finches crucial to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

The following lessons saw the pupils discussing what it meant to be ‘endangered’, including considering the various reasons why a species may be at risk. Global conservation was touched upon and the concept of extinction investigated, with many of the children fascinated by examples of animals that have become extinct in the last few hundred years.

As homework, the pupils produced posters to encourage people to take steps to protect endangered animals.

Next week, the pupils will be finishing the topic by looking at selective breeding, (using dogs as an example) and discussing the pros and cons of this practice.

Prep School | 05/02/2021