In Drama, Mrs Dobson, has taken Year 5 out on the open seas on a Tudor voyage! As part of a practical exploration of Tudor life, from the comfort of their own homes, the children raided their cupboards to find costumes and props to bring the drama to life, and they did not disappoint. We had pirates, scientists, doctors, cooks, captains, first mates, tourists and even a stowaway!

The pupils  embarked on loading the ship, in a virtual group mime. Once the ship was fully stocked, the class set sail on calm and gentle seas in search of new land. Events took a dramatic turn when they sighted a terrible and violent storm. The children depicted this in a series of exciting freeze frames that demonstrated the devastating impact of the storm upon the ship and its passengers.

In an empathy exercise, the children then spoke about how they felt during the storm. Thankfully, the ship and its passengers survived the journey and the adventures will continue next week as they continue their voyage!

The pupils had a fantastic time and it was lovely to see them fully embrace the activity.

Prep School | 18/01/2021