Distance Learning School is once again fully up and running at St Edward’s. We are obviously very proud of all our pupils for the enthusiasm and energy they are showing each day in their online lessons. We are, however, particularly proud of the children in Pre-Prep. For some, this is their first experience of learning from home and they have all been doing really well, completing the tasks that have been set by their teachers. It has also been really nice to still see their smiling faces every day!

Everyone has had a very busy week with activities for each of the Pre-Prep year groups including:


  • The children have started a new topic about “The world we live in” this week, and were asked to complete a map by adding in the names of the continents.
  • In Science, the classes looked at pictures of different types of houses and had to think about “Who lives here?” They then had to use things from home to build their own houses and investigate which materials would make the strongest house.
  • Following on from their work on the book “The Whale and the Snail” by Julia Donaldson, the children were challenged to create their own pictures of snails using coloured paper, for an art task.
  • They also learnt about healthy eating and had to decide which foods were healthy or not from a selection on Mrs France’s PowerPoint.

Year 1

  • In Art, Year 1 have been looking at the work of artist, Andy Goldsworthy. They were then asked to create a piece of artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy, using natural materials to make land art sculptures.
  • Year 1 also started their new topic of “Our World”. For their work this week the children had to think about the area in which they live, and draw a picture of their house and town.
  • In English Year 1 have been looking at sounds and rhyming.
  • The Year 1 Science topic is “Using our Senses” and the children had fun identifying and labeling parts of the body.

Year 2

  • Year 2 have been looking at the story of “Little Red Riding Hood” in their English lessons. For one of their tasks related to the story, they were each asked to write a letter of apology from the Wolf to Grandma!
  • In Maths one area of focus has been time and recognising o’clock and half past, quarter past and quarter to, on an analogue clock.
  • In Art, Year 2 have been creating mood boards of different ways to manipulate paper into different shapes. They will be using these as inspiration for paper sculptures later in the term.
  • In French, the children have been learning about greetings – how to say ‘hello’ to someone and ask them how they are.

Pre-Prep | 15/01/2021