Children in Year 2 have had a stompingly good time this term, studying their topic of ‘Dinosaurs’.

They used this theme across the subjects of Geography, History and Art, fully immersing themselves in the topic. The children embarked on a journey of discovery, from timelines of evolution, to learning about where different species were found in the world, what they ate, and developing an understanding of how fossils are formed.

They used their research skills to find out about famous fossil hunter, Mary Anning from Lyme Regis. In addition, they also learnt about a famous paleontologist called Richard Owen. After writing a fact file about him and his work on the discovery of dinosaurs, the children used charcoal to create some beautiful fine line portraits of him.

In Art, they made their own pop out dinosaur artworks using warm and cool colours to provide contrast, as well as their own fossils out of clay.

Prep School | 10/12/2020