Year 3 have begun a new topic in their dedicated Drama lessons this week. The class started with some warm-up exercises and games designed to get the blood flowing and to help the children to focus. They played a number of games making themselves as big as they could, then as small, as wide, as narrow and as tall as they possibly could. They were then challenged to alter their facial expressions to show an exaggerated representation of emotions that Mrs Dobson was calling out.

This term, Year 3 drama lessons are linked to the book that the children are reading in their English lessons, ‘The Iron Man’. The children will use elements of drama, role play and improvisation to communicate the Iron Man story. Using these techniques will help the children get to know the characters in depth, deepen their understanding of the story and explore the themes of the book.

They will develop their acting skills with a focus on expression, using their faces, voices and body gestures to communicate the story.

In this lesson, the class re-capped the parts of the story that they have read so far, before exploring the character of the Iron Man. They imagined themselves ‘in his shoes’ at the start of the book and verbalised the inner thoughts of the character, trying to convey how he would be feeling at this point in the story.

The children had lots of fun and spoke very well in front of an audience of their peers.

Prep School | 13/11/2020