On Tuesday the Pre-Prep Department participated in an afternoon of hands-on activities focussed on STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Each year group were challenged to take on a selection of challenges and experiments providing an opportunity for exploration and discovery. The activities included:

  • Spot the Difference – This task required the Reception children to look at a picture, then look at it again through a glass of water and see what the differences were. They then talked about refraction and reflection.
  • Gone Fishing – This task was all about freezing liquids and seeing if water would freeze if it had sugar, salt or orange juice in it. The Reception group also experimented to see what happens when salt is sprinkled on ice.
  • Bubbles – In Reception and Year 2 the children explored what happens when you try to make bubbles, using a soap solution and blowing through a funnel with a dishcloth over the end. Some of the resulting ‘bubble snakes’ were very long indeed! They also had a go at making 3D shaped bubbles, using cube and pyramid frames with the soapy film.
  • Dam Building – In Year 1 the focus was on building a solid structure out of lego and playdough to create a dam across a tray that would withhold 750ml of water. This required the group to work together in order to ensure there were no leaks!
  • Time for an Apple – Year 1 and Year 2 discovered that an apple can be used to power a clock. They carefully assembled wires, brass and zinc electrodes before pushing them into the apple halves and watching the clock light up.
  • Spaghetti Bridges – Year 2 also tried their hand at construction when they were challenged to create bridges out of spaghetti that were strong enough to take the weight of a toy car travelling from one side to the other.

Pre-Prep aged children are naturally curious, interested in the world around them and how things work. The afternoon session was a great way to enrich their learning and help them to develop a range of skills including communication, collaboration, creativity and problem-solving.

It was also a great deal of fun for all involved too!


Prep School | 09/11/2020