This term, Year 3 pupils have been looking at the skeleton, in particular, the spine. To tie in to this topic Mr McKernan took both Year 3 classes for a lesson on the Farm.

The lesson began with a virtual chat, which both classes joined using ‘Teams’. Mr McKernan talked the pupils through the anatomy of a chicken, covering everything from the spine to the digestive tract to the egg producing organs. The pupils asked lots of interesting questions about the formation of eggs and the diet of the chickens on our School Farm.

The classes then took it in turns to join the Headmaster outside in the poultry pen. Everyone was given some chicken food and had a go at tempting the birds to eat from their hands – something that the children enjoyed immensely! The classes spent time discussing the work needed to look after chickens and ducks and enjoyed watching the ducks have a splash around as they bathed in the water.

Our School Farm is a fantastic resource for our pupils, providing them with the space and opportunity to participate in practical experiences, forming strong educational links between that and the theoretical sides of learning.

Prep School | 16/10/2020