“We aren’t using instruments today – music is more than that! Body percussion and voice – two things you can always make music with.”

This week, year 6 have been focusing on ‘Happiness’ in their Music lessons. They started the lesson by listening to ‘Walking on Sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves (1983). Head of Music & Drama, Mrs Dobson, encouraged the pupils to find the beat and join in. They then discussed how the music made them feel – happy, having fun and enjoying the sunshine were all identified.  The children were then asked how old they thought the song was, 5, 10 and even 50 years old were suggested!

Tempo, dynamics and the style of the music were all discussed before identifying as many of the instruments used as possible.

The pupils then got moving and did their best to clap along to the beat of the song before warming up their voices and trying out some sliding scale exercises. There was lots of fun as “Dragon Fruit, Dumplings and Doughnuts” along with “tip of the tongue the teeth and the lips” chimed from the room.  Pitch and the range of exercises needed to properly warm up your voice before a performance were then discussed.

Prep School | 01/10/2020