This week, pupils in Year 5 and 6 had the opportunity to think about their futures when they participated in a Careers Workshop, led by the Careers Lead from our Senior School, Mrs Bush.

Each Workshop started with Mrs Bush asking the pupils to consider what a career is. Lots of ideas were discussed including that it is something your get paid for, something you do when you are older, and something you do in life that you need to enjoy.

The children were then encouraged to think about what jobs they might like to do themselves one day. There were a whole host of responses demonstrating that our young people feel like they can be anything they want to be. Jobs that were mentioned included Doctor, Hairdresser, Youtuber, Professional skater, Farmer, MP, Show Jumper, Teacher, Soldier, Actor, Artist, Author, Photographer a Trampolinist and Prime Minister!

Each group took part in a number of activities that challenged them to think about their day-to-day lives and how that might change as they got older. They talked about how you might have a number of careers over your lifetime and that you need to be flexible.

In their groups the children talked about the qualities you might need to be successful in certain jobs and what type of personality different careers may suit. For example, it might be that you need to be outgoing, organised, detailed, clever, calm and able to concentrate, or be able to work under pressure within a certain role.

They also covered what subjects you might need to study to progress down a particular career path, for example Sciences for medicine and English to be a reporter.

All of the children agreed it was a very interesting session and they were excited to look ahead and think about what they might become one day!

Prep School | 01/10/2020