Children learn best when all of their senses are engaged. The Kindergarten Sensory Garden has been designed to stimulate all five senses and engage our young learners with exploratory play.

The specially designed garden provides lots of opportunity to talk about the world around us, touching on subjects like life cycles, changing seasons and even the chance to study insects up close. On a recent visit to the garden the children spent time watching the pigs snuffling in the ground and having their backs rubbed by a member of staff. They explored the textures of fallen leaves and bark, rolled tyres down a plank of wood and even found a very friendly woodlouse!

The links between the Kindergarten Sensory Garden and the Prep School Farm have been strengthened this term, with a new route into the farm area opened up and the relocation of the pigs to the paddock next to the Garden. The changes are really helping to ensure that we are using our outside spaces to the full and enabling our pupils to engage with nature on a daily basis.

Pre Prep | 21/09/2020